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Sports Injury HandbookSports Injury Handbook

"Dr. Allan Levy obviously enjoys working with athletes. He has a lifetime of knowledge about treating sports injuries to pass on to all athletes, amateur and professional alike.

"In my years as head coach of the New York Giants, Doc Levy was the one doctor who on a daily basis handled the team's medical problems. Over the years with the Giants, he has become an integral part of the football team, developing an ongoing, warm relationship with the players and coaching staff.

"There's always some ache or pain bothering athletes, and Doc always seems to come up with ways to get players back in action quickly. I believe that the Giants' players lose far less time to injury than others do because of the dedication and time he and the trainers devote to them, as well as having a good conditioning program in place.

"Those who read this book can learn from him how to reach their athletic peaks and become winners." -- Bill Parcells, former head coach, New York Giants

"When picking a doctor, you trust you'll find someone who will take care of you physically and mentally. In Dr. Levy I have the best of both worlds. My ability to overcome pain and injury is largely due to the care I get from Dr. Levy." -- Lawrence Taylor, former linebacker, New York Giants

"Doc Levy is a helluva doctor and a great technician. He has great sensitivity and knows how to take care of people in a nice way. He is someone I would always go to for any kind of sports injury." -- Lou Carnesecca, former basketball head coach, St. John's University and New Jersey Nets

"The first thing I did when I was coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers semi-pro football team was to hire Doc Levy. When I became the Giants director of operations, we revamped our medical staff and brought him in as the lead physician. Doc knows how and why sports injuries happen, and he certainly got the players back on the field as soon as possible without jeopardizing their health. He's a sensitive judge of a player as a person, not just a commodity." -- Andy Robustelli, former director of operations, New York Giants

Golf Injury HandbookGolf Injury Handbook

"In this book, you will get great information from Dr. Allan Levy and Mark Fuerst. These two top professionals can give you cutting-edge information in the field of sports medicine I'm sure that following their advice will allow you to do more with the golf club and help you reach your true golf potential, and have much more fun playing the game." -- Jim McLean, president and founder, Jim McLean Golf School

"A good job of providing the basics of recovering from golf injuries. . . also a useful guide to developing a proper strength and flexibility workout for a better swing and a lower score." -- Jim Albus, Senior PGA Tour player

"As a quarterback, I found that golf fatigued my throwing arm, so I made it a policy to get treatment from Dr. Levy after playing a round." -- Phil Simms, former New York Giants quarterback

"Without question, Golf Injury Handbook is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use reference for amateur golfers to take care of themselves and improve their games." -- Bud Ferrante, P.T., founder, Back to Golf Performance Program

Tennis Injury HandbookTennis Injury Handbook

"Many tennis players of all levels who attend my tennis development courses want advice on flexibility and strength training. They have become aware that without good range of motion and power they can't hit the ball the way they want to.

"This book will help you prepare for a wide variety of potential problems. It includes advise and ideas on preventing injuries before they happen, as well as fixing temporary physical problems that may develop if you play tennis on a regular basis.

"In short, this book will help you get ready to play the best tennis of your life." -- Dennis Van der Meer, president and founder, Van der Meer Tennis University and of the United States Professional Tennis Registry

"A very comprehensive and well-written book about the most common tennis injuries. I certainly wish something like this had been available 25 years ago." -- Fred Stolle, member, International Tennis Hall of Fame

"Maintaining fitness is a high priority for people of all ages, especially those of us addicted to tennis. This book can help you improve not only your game but your quality of life as well." -- David N. Dinkins, USTA and USPTR Board Member and former mayor of New York City

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