Sports Injury Handbooks
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Sports Injury Handbook

Sports Injury Handbook
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The Foot


What to Look For in a Sports Specialist

Complete Table of Contents


Complete Table of Contents

Foreword by Bill Parcells

Part One: Preventing Injuries
Chapter 1 - Work Out to Win
Chapter 2 - Eat to Compete

Part Two: Common Risks and Basic Safeguards
Chapter 3 - Conditioning and Your Health
Chapter 4 - First Aid: What to Do Until the Doctor Comes

Part Three: What to Know from Head to Toe
Chapter 5 - The Head and Neck
Chapter 6 - The Shoulder
Chapter 7 - The Back and Ribs
Chapter 8 - The Elbow
Chapter 9 - The Wrist and Hand
Chapter 10 - The Thigh and Hip
Chapter 11 - The Knee
Chapter 12 - The Lower Leg
Chapter 13 - The Ankle
Chapter 14 - The Foot

Part Four: Sport-by-Sport Injuries
Chapter 15 - Aerobics
Chapter 16 - Baseball and Softball
Chapter 17 - Basketball
Chapter 18 - Bowling
Chapter 19 - Boxing and Martial Arts
Chapter 20 - Cycling
Chapter 21 - Football and Rugby
Chapter 22 - Golf
Chapter 23 - Gymnastics and Cheerleading
Chapter 24 - Hockey, Lacrosse, and Skating
Chapter 25 - Running, Jogging, and Track and Field
Chapter 26 - Skiing
Chapter 27 - Soccer and Field Hockey
Chapter 28 - Swimming and Other Water Sports
Chapter 29 - Tennis and Other Racquet Sports
Chapter 30 - Triathlon
Chapter 31 - Volleyball
Chapter 32 - Walking, Hiking, and Horseback Riding
Chapter 33 - Weight Lifting and Body Building
Chapter 34 - Wrestling

Part Five: Sports Medicine for Everyone
Chapter 35 - Female, Child, and Elderly Athletes
Chapter 36 - How to Select a Sports Specialist


Sports Injury Handbook

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Dr. Allan Levy, team doctor for the New York Giants football team, has treated every kind of sports injury there is. In the Sports Injury Handbook he shares his vast knowledge of sports medicine with recreational athletes who want to keep in shape while minimizing aches, pains, and injuries. Peppered with first-hand stories from professional sports, the Sports Injury Handbook is an entertaining, informative guide to the latest methods of injury prevention and treatment.

$19.95 Paperback · 284 pp. · ISBN 0-471-54737-9

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