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Golf Injury Handbook

Golf Injury Handbook
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On-the-Course Health Hazards

The Back

The Senior Game

Complete Table of Contents

Complete Table of Contents

List of Exercises


Part One: Preparing to Play
Chapter 1 - Fit for Golf
Chapter 2 - Eat to Compete

Part Two: Common Risks and Basic Safeguards
Chapter 3 - Golf Injuries and Rehabilitation
Chapter 4 - Medical Risks
Chapter 5 - Health Gadgets

Part Three: What to Know from Head to Toe
Chapter 6 - The Shoulders
Chapter 7 - The Back
Chapter 8 - The Elbow
Chapter 9 - The Wrist and Hand
Chapter 10 - The Knee
Chapter 11 - The Lower Leg and Ankle
Chapter 12 - The Foot

Part Four: Golf for Everyone
Chapter 13 - The Senior Game
Chapter 14 - Women in Golf
Chapter 15 - The Disabled Golfer


Golf Injury Handbook

Sharp lower back pains. Aching elbows. Tender wrists. More than 40,000 people are treated for these and other golf-related injuries each year. Make sure you're not one of them with the Golf Injury Handbook.

Dr. Allan Levy's vast practical knowledge of golf fitness is indispensable for players at every skill level -- from beginners to weekend hackers to club champions.

$14.95 Paperback · 172 pp. · ISBN 0-471-24853-3

Available online at and, and at bookstores everywhere.

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